Up North Fine Art Gallery

Up North Fine Art Gallery since 1973 has exhibited exceptional regional art and fine art crafts. Artists on exhibit are from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, the Dakotas, Michigan and other Upper Midwestern states. All of the fine art and fine art crafts are regionally recognized and the gallery's Primary Featured Artists are nationally, and internationally know. The framing studio is well known in our region for incomparable framing designs and craftsmanship.

  • Since 1973, the longest running independent art gallery of its kind in Minnesota with over 6,000 square feet of gallery space, representing professional regional artists from the Upper Midwest including media in oils, watercolors, mixed media, photography, hand-pulled prints, sculpture, pottery, glass, wood, and jewelry.

  • Proudly maintains one of the most notable picture framing studios in the North Metro

  • See events for current features in the gallery

  • Offering a comprehensive art search engine on this website


Why is Up North Fine Art Gallery different?

Our Legacy - notable things that make us different.

We simply try to offer you one of the best regional galleries in the country - proudly featuring original art by professional fine artists and craftspeople. Exhibiting the best in Upper Midwestern fine art since 1973 in Stillwater, Minnesota, we are the only gallery to have stood this test of time in Minnesota. Our galleries have been in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Edina, Stillwater and now since 1996, in Lindstrom. We have shown work by notable artists including Cameron Booth, Jo Lutz Rollins, and Bela Petheo, and Tom Bartek. Presently, we are honored to represent internationally recognized Mary Pettis, Allan Servoss, and Gary Alan Nelson. We exhibit nationally acclaimed Edie Abnet, Nick Ryan, Kevin Caufield, and Barbara Pihos.

Media we show includes original paintings in oil, mixed media, watercolors, hand-pulled prints, photography, hand-made paper, clay, glass, wood, metal sculpture, bronze sculpture, jewelry, and much more.

Our Feel - little things that make us different.

We are a comfortable and beautiful place to visit, a perfect place to linger, a place to get lost in, a place to see again and again and seldom see the same thing twice, a place where you can bring someone you love and know they will enjoy themselves, a place you can bring friends and not worry about getting silly, a place where you are greeted and treated warmly and respectfully, a place where the people are friendly, helpful, and have a real sense of humor, a place where there are no dumb questions or hair-brain ideas.

Our Habits - practical things that make us different.

We try and greet and thank every visitors without qualifying them as a "big spender". We actually enjoy conversing with visitors whether they purchase anything or not. We offer professional picture framing, lay-away, art searches, art out-on-approval, consulting, delivery, shipping, and a great cup of fresh dark-roast coffee. Professionals such as art consultants, interior designers, and architects all receive trade services.

Our Art - essential things that make us different.

41 years of experience has taught us a great deal about representing professional fine artists. The attitude of many art galleries can be, frankly, rather arrogant. In contrast, we believe we owe our existence to the artist - and not the other way around. A number of our artist's artwork is worthy of collecting. Time has proven their work to be a very wise investment.

Here, we serve no uppity attitude, no scams, no overpriced limited edition prints, no painters of sunlight, no canvas transfers priced 500 times their value; no esoteric or countercultural art, no phony-bolony.


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13025 Lake Blvd., Lindstrom, MN 55045 (651) 257-1821 ~ Hours; Tues.-Sat. 10-4, Sun. 12-3. Additional hours by appt.